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Voice Technologies VT506 Miniature Omni Lavalier Microphone

The Voice Technologies VT506 is a high-quality and electret condenser microphone (omni). 

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 It is designed for performing talent in broadcast, theater and film. It has a rising frequency response to assure speech intelligibility and for under-clothing use. The molding injection adds a high solidity to the VT506.

  • Hand selected Omni electret capsule inserts individually tested for frequency response & sensitivity within low tolerances
  • Rising +6 dB frequency response for clear reproduction of the human voice and ideal under clothing performance
  • Precision molded capsule head for long lasting durability and uniformity (DIM 13 x 7 x 3.5mm)
  • The cable jacket is molded into the head section strain relief - you can even tug on it very hard without tearing it
  • Super-thin 1.5mm diameter cable that is supple, easy to “dress” on talent and has extremely low noise transmission from rubbing
Leica, Blackmagicdesign, Sony, ARRI, Canon, ZEISS, TLS, Panasonic

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