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Fujinon Ha13X4.5Berm Hd Super Wide Angle Lens

With a 4.5 mm focal length the new Fujinon wide-angle provides the widest horizontal angle of view (93 degrees 38™) in the world. Combined with the highest zoom ratio in its class (13x) and the built-in 2x extender, this lens covers any job, from close-up situations in confined conditions to framing distant objects.

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The new high-definition HA13x4.5B lenses provide wide and dynamic images on 16:9 format screens in all production situations.

The lens has been designed using Fujinons exclusive new GO-Technology which ensures the highest optical quality. The zooming effect when focusing is negligible and distortion is reduced to a level of about 1% at the wide side. This new Wide Power lens allows the camera operator to concentrate on finishing his job quickly and efficiently.

This lens offers a ZOOM-LIMITER function to restrict the actual zoom range to the desired limit at either end of the range. The new HA13x4.5 lens is a most powerful tool in the hands of the serious camera operator.

  • Digi Power enables custom control parameters to be memorised for individual camera operator's preference
  • Quick Zoom provides a rapid zoom movement to the telephoto position to check focus with a simple push of a button
  • Zoom Mode Select changes the zoom response from normal to more sensitive on the wide or telephoto side
  • Zoom Limit limits either the wide side and/or telephoto side to capture desired shot angles
  • Auto-Cruising Zoom fixes the zoom speed at a preset rate while zooming
  • Serial Digital Remote Control by PC provides accurate positioning 
  • Accessory Compatibility allows analog control accessories to work seamlessly with the DIGI POWER Lens
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