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Movi Pro Gimbal 1 - Procam NY

Movi Pro Gimbal

Get up and ready to shoot smooth handheld footage with FREEFLY's MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle. Consisting of the MōVI Pro motorized gimbal stabilizer, MōVI Ring Pro handle, and the MIMIC controller, this kit can perform in either single or dual-operator configurations.

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Wooden Camera Director's Monitor Cage V2

The Wooden Camera Director's Monitor Cage v2accepts virtually any 9" LCD on-camera monitor, allowing it to be securely held and carried by a director or anyone who needs to have a personal monitor during a shoot. Featuring wooden handgrips, a padded neck strap, and a swing-away design for easy access to the back, this cage makes carrying a small monitor both simple and comfortable. 

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Fujinon XK6x20 20-120mm lens left

Fujinon PL 20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio XK6x20 Zoom Lens

The Fujinon 20-120mm Cabrio XK6x20 lens is a wide-to-telephoto zoom lens for Super 35mm cameras in PL mount. The focus, zoom, and iris barrels are geared with standard 0.8 film pitch, which provides an interface for the removable ENG-style digital drive unit. 

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Cooke S4 Lens Set

Cooke S4 Prime Lenses Set of 12

Cooke S4 Prime Lenses were designed and developed in close technical collaboration with industry professionals. Cooke S4 optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.

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Lite Mat 2 Hybrid

Lite Mat S2 Hybrid

Building on the success of the original LiteMat, with its thin and ultra lightweight housing, soft color-correct Hybrid (bi-color) output, and convenient mounting options, the S2 LiteMat takes lighting to the next level. The new S2 LiteMat is nearly 40% brighter than the original LiteMat, has better color quality, and a widely extended Kelvin range all without an increase in power draw. 

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Heden Carat Wireless Follow Focus

The CARAT system is a complete focus and iris control system for professional film and broadcasting cameras. Wireless transmission up to 500 metres (1640 feet) line of sight via Bluetooth. Very small and lightweight and with incredibly intuitive controls.

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Easyrig Vario 5 with 5

The Easyrig Vario 5 with 5" (130mm) Extended Arm is a body-worn support system that is adjustable to support camera rigs weighing 11 to 38 lb.

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Kamerar Brightcast Flexi 1x1 LED Light

The BrightCast V15-345 Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel from Kamerar is a 12 x 12" light source that allows you to bend it into the shape that best suits your subject permitting placement in tight spaces where traditional fixtures just can't go. 

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Fotodiox Flapjack Bi-colored Ring Light

Made of durable lightweight metal, the 9.9" diameter C-318RLS Flapjack Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit from FotodioX is built around a light source that uses Edgelight technology, which entails pointing LEDs toward the outer edge of the fixture and reflecting them back toward the middle for ultra soft results. 

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