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Core SWX Fleet D2S V-Mount 2-Bay Charger

Featuring two independent charge bays, the Core SWX Fleet D V-Mount 2-Bay Charger is capable of charging two batteries simultaneously. Two 98Wh batteries can be charged in approximately 2.5 hours for quick turnaround times. 

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CoreSWX FLEET-D2S (FLEETD2S) Two Position V-Mount Fast Simultaneous Li-Ion Charger. The Fleet D charger is a two position, simultaneous charger ideal for ENG, and mobile production.  Built upon the foundation of the Fleet Q, four position charger, the super compact design allows it to fit in almost any compartment in a travel bag, while still offering the fastest charge times in the industry.  The Fleet charger has two independent charge bays, allowing each bay to focus on the individual battery connected, completing a recharge on two 98wh battery packs in 2.5 hours. The charger’s low profile design takes up as little space as possible, while allowing for stacking.  Nearly indestructible, the all-aluminium design will allow the charger to stand up to the demands of production.   A recessed carry handle coupled with the slim, light-weight aluminum design, makes it very travel friendly.

Quick Charge Current: 3A

Size: 8.86” x 3” x 6.19”

Weight: 1.6lbs.

Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

Leica, Blackmagicdesign, Sony, ARRI, Canon, ZEISS, TLS, Panasonic

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