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Thursday 19th March 2020

We understand this is an extremely challenging, unprecedented time for our industry, and the world. The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 means that many productions have been put on hold, leaving production companies, freelancers and rental houses in a vulnerable position. We are aware of the wide-ranging challenges that are being felt by all of those working within the entire film and television industry at every level, and the Procam Group will continue to offer support to productions wherever possible.

Not only does the USA’s renowned film and television industry support an important part of our world economy, but it also brings so much more to the lives of us all. Our industry informs, educates and entertains. It evokes emotion and changes perspectives. It can bring us hope, solidarity and optimism, something we all need now more than ever.

It is easy to panic about our personal situations during times like these, but small pockets of help are emerging. In New York, the Mayor's office is offering relief and support for small businesses who have been affected and the Freelancers Union has produced many helpful guides on topics like health insurance and non-payment.

As an industry we need to stand united, support each other and jointly find solutions to the challenges ahead. We may not know what the journey holds, but we do know there is some great film and TV to be made on the other side.

Keep safe. We will get through this together.

John Brennan, Group CEO, Procam Group

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