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Download Procam NY's Certificate of Insurance Requirements Procam.pdf, or view the terms below:

Please forward these guidelines to your insurance company to ensure that the following is included on your certificate of insurance (CoI):


1. State Procam USA, Inc as named “Loss Payee”
2. State “Special Form or All Risk” Coverage
3. State replacement cost
4. State coverage amount, deductible, effective dates and policy number


  • List as “Additionally Insured” - Procam USA, Inc. 545 West 45th Street, Suite 6G, New York, NY 10036

  • Include coverage amount of at least $1,000,000.00, effective dates and policy number

Please be aware that furnishing a certificate of insurance may not fulfill all your obligations under the rental agreement. The limit of insurance coverage for equipment is issued on a per occurrence basis not a separate limit for all rental companies involved in a production. Therefore, it is essential that the limit for equipment coverage equals the total value of all equipment used on a job. If your limit of insurance is inadequate to cover the loss, or your insurance does not cover the type of loss that occurred, you will be responsible for the difference between the amount of insurance and the actual loss. It is in both your own interest, as well as our interest, that adequate insurance limits are maintained. 

NB: A policy that contains an Unattended Vehicle Theft Exclusion will require additional documentation so our insurance company can ascertain full extent of the exclusion.

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